VA - Undergrounded

by Quantum Satis Records

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Hello from Quantum Satis Records! Now we are glad to present you the new mighty forest symphony. It maybe the last vibration from Veshiy Mokh ("Prophetic Moss").

In 2013 this music festival marked the fifth year of our active participation in russian and worldwide psychedelic stage. But this time the dark forces tried to interrupt our dance with aliens and trolls. Our organization was damaged hard, but we survived!

The only possibility we had was to make our festival undergrounded and we continued only thanks to all of the true allies of Veshy Mokh. Thank you, guys!

All the past years we invited a lot of excellent musicians to our country, such as Hired Goonz, Troglodytes, Taigan Sunset, Puoskari, Snyper, Fragletrollet, Sienis, Already Maged, ExUus, Oxya, Soladria, Grobians, Goch, Ka-sol, Battle of the Future Buddhas, Zoon and others to evolve this music culture. One of the main priorities for us was to maintain this international friendship. And now some of our guests and their like-minded fellows decided to help us to release this wonderful compilation for free.

We would like to continue creating music events and taking part in the expansion of psychedelic music, but we will not be able to do it for a long time due to the complicated material circumstances that we have after closing of our festival.

VA - Undergrounded

1. Ka-Sol - El Doktore 140 BPM 7:55

2. Zoon - Gate (Hada RMX) 144 BPM 8:34

3. Goch - Extemporary Devices 146 BPM 7:21

4. Schoiroideairis - Natural 148 BPM 8:24

5. Nirmanakayas - Deep Inside 147 BPM 7:14

6. Battle of the Future Buddhas - Lacking It All 148 BPM 9:58

7. Grobians - Da Mind Twister 148 BPM 9:20

8. Taigan Sunset - Xmas Shoe Eater 148 BPM 8:00

9. Spirituz - Mind Warping Spirits 148 BPM 9:56

10. Cavedave - Bruced Lead 129 BPM 5:31

Track 1 written and produced by Christer Lundström and Jens Kvisler

Track 2 written and produced by Christopher Ricciuti, remixed by Darko & Hana Petreski

Track 3 written and produced by Vladimir Gochkov

Track 4 written and produced by Darko Petreski

Track 5 written and produced by Hana Petreski

Track 6 written and produced by David Tingsgård

Track 7 written and produced by Daniel Severin

Track 8 written and produced by Jonathan Kallio and Christian Hoikkala

Track 9 written and produced by Gabriel Ordoñez Sanchez

Track 10 written and produced by David Hall

All tracks mastered by Tim Schuldt on 4CN Studios.

Cover art by Greenshift.

Released by Quantum Satis Records.

If you love these tunes or you just want to support our community, you can do it in material form, if you wish. Any help would be very important for us.


released December 31, 2013




Quantum Satis records Russia

Quantum Satis is a community of people who deeply love nature and psyhedelic culture in all forms. We have been making ecological forest parties since 2009. Our main goal is to make people dance as if it is their last time. Twisted psyhedelic tunes, dreamlike melodies and otherworldly beats with a collaboration of mighty forests' beautiful nature help to do it very well. ... more

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